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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  November 1, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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down." that ought to be interesting. let me know what you think in advance of the segment. >>shepard: i will calm down. >>megyn: calm down. calm down. he will get an earful. >>shepard: the news begins anew on "studio b." it feels like it is getting worse. i promise. many struggling to return to normal in the northeast where millions have in power and now fighting to get in and out of the city and piloting for limits supplies especially gasoline. a lot of stations are out smashing crazy lines and tensions at the pumps. we will get to that. plus, here comes the price gouging. duh. reports of represental car prices spiking by hundreds of dollars and a two pack of battery selling for $15. >> and five days to go. all ahead.
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unless breaking news changes everything. three day after the rare and power will storm hit the east, much of the region is paralyzed. 4.5 million people across new jersey, new york and a dozen other states still don't have power. for many, food and water are in short supply. gas stations are a huge problem. some of them are closed because they don't have power to pump the gas. and fuel trucks are struggling to get around to replace the supply for those stations that are open for business. people are lining up to fill up, waiting for hours in some cases if line as long as a mile. look at this on the jersey turnpike. we sped up the video do show you the line keeps going and going and going. state troopers deployed at stations across jersey with tensions high. this is the new normal for now. for families of the estimated 70 people who died in the storm things will never be the same.
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same goes for those who lost their homes. a look at a jersey shore town before and after the storm, this is about 45 miles south of new york city in the after shot on the right of the screen you can see the beep is badly eroded and homes are missing or in ruin. streets are flooded. experts now predict the total economic damage from the mega storm could be up to $50 billion. that's more than double the first estimate. we have teen fox courage with more from rick. tens of thousands were stranded in hoboken, new jersey, but, first, the gasoline. just on our staff of about 30 or so people, it is story after story. three hours and you run out of gas. >>jonathan: it is a tough situation. we are on the west side of manhattan. you can see the line here for gas. as we swing around, that is just
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the end of the line. it goes all the way back down here long 10th avenue for block after block after block. they have cordoned off two lanes just for the traffic waiting for gas. members of the new york finest are keeping order because as you can imagine tempers are getting a little short at times. we spoke to some those early today who have been in the line for anything up to two hours. >> it is not chaos. just a lot of waiting. a quarter tank so i decided on my way home to see what is going on and i found out i was able to get some gas over here at hess. >> right now, i heard there is no gas until tomorrow evening so i wanted to fill up now. whatever i can get i can get. >> i came last night, they were out of gas. we are on fumes.
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we had to do this. here we go. >>jonathan: the good news is the port of new york and new jersey is re-opened so more gas supplies can come in. once the power goes back on we are told that here in manhattan, at least, that should be this weekend and more gas stations will be able to open and the lines should get a little better, at least here in the city there is, perhaps, a light at the end of the tunnel but new jersey is in a very bad situation. we have seen the longest lanes of all and no word on when they will get power back. obviously, getting power back so you can pump gas is critical. >>shepard: the gridlock is ridiculous. >>jonathan: the gridlock coming in at rush hour today was pretty bad for everyone although i have to say from my evidence
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when we got through rush hour most of the streets seemed quieter than a normal weekday if you are not by a gas station but it is for tough for those using mass transportation it because obviously with so many subways down, with so many commuter trains down everyone is trying to get on the buses. in were very, very long lines to get on the buses to come in to manhattan from brooklyn today. that is tough. everyone we talked to about all of it is taking it in a pretty sanguine realizing 70 lost their lives. if they have to wait for a couple of hours to get gas or if they have to live in an apartment for a few days without any power, that's not so bad. most people thoughts are with the family would lost loved ones. >>shepard: great thought but call me on monday.
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by next monday, my bet is life will be different. people will not put up with this too long. we are knockers. >>jonathan: they are new yorkers and things are getting better. it is slow. but they are getting better. >>shepard: thank you. the national guard today, troops were going board to board along the jersey shore looking for survivors. the death toll in jersey is up to 14. .million customs still have no power. earth moving equipment moved to the barrier island community and many residents returned to get their first look at the destruction. >> this is the deep of the water i have ever seen in my lifetime of being here. i was 11 in 1962 storm and the water came 1 itch from our house. this time it was a foot deep in the house. i can say it is very
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devastating. >>shepard: environmentalists say new jersey should think hard about how to rebuild and consider not rebuilding in some areas. the scientists say the rising sea levels and changing weather pattern make it likely more frequent and more destructive storms will hit the shore. rick continues our coverage in long beach,, long beach island in new jersey. how is it? >>reporter: bad. many of the thoses had meters knocked off and natural gas was pouring in the air from point pleasant to seaside park and areas in between including long beach island affecting 28,000 people. they cannot turn power on until the gas problem is fixed because then there will be sparks there could be explosions and fires. we have learned they have lifted the mandatory evacuation order
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for several areas but not yet for atlantic city so the casinos that lose $5 million a day will continue to lose money until they lift the evacuation order. right here on long beach island you can see the police set up a check point. we went to a couple of check points to get do this location but we cannot go any further, the last mile has been closed off the heavy trucks down there, they have been clearing this, several feet of sand on this ocean front road here, but, beyond those trucks, it gets really bad and, in fact, one of those trucks got stuck in the sand and they had to get a front-end loader to pull it out. >>shepard: a beautiful family place. i know you were in ocean city earlier, what about signs of progress in ocean city? rick: good news because they have the power back on for some parts of ocean city account barrier island was underwater. it has receded.
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some streets are flooded but residents have been allowed back in. they going into their home and pulling out furniture and personal belongings. there is heavy equipment clearing the sand from the homes closest to the ocean. people are using shovels to get the sand out. in other cases they are pulling their belongings out and trying to salvage what they can. some power is back on in ocean city, new jersey. other communes are getting some power. the struggle is ongoing. >>shepard: and now point pleasant, new jersey, now. very hard hit beach front community. the mayor is on the line with us, mr. mayor, thank you. >>guest: we are holding up pretty good. it is stressful because of the lack of electricity. of course, that affects the ability to purchase food, gasoline, and have heat. >>shepard: three days in. what kind of progress do you see? >>guest: we have seen the
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water recede. people are somewhat allowed to get back in and assess their damage. we have information from fema for a contact number. we are moving along >>shepard: what is the thinking on when your people might be able to get settled again with businesses open and school back in session? >>guest: our best bet is based on the electric frist but our best bet is school on monday. people will probably not move back in their houses for a month or so. the flooding was extensive. the little film of muck and mire that coats everything will cause them to throw most of their first-floor belongings out. >>shepard: i have seen that theme reported in new orleans and it is absolutely in fun. when can people come in and aset? >>guest: we got word from the governor's office to file with
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fema using an 800 number to file and then you can get an okay to go in and take out debris. >>shepard: i remember a month after the storm, katrina, on the mississippi coast, speaking with the mayor of a small town down there where for a mile inland everything was rubble. he started to tell me, our problems now are mental. walking around in this, living in this, not being able to making progress, and a lot of people had severe psychological problems. is that something that is on your mind yet? >>guest: our biggest fear right now is people are going to become anxious when it comes to getting order to their lives. the longer it takes for them to get some sort of order, the more that depression will set in because this is their life. >>shepard: certainly the we are thinning about you. what do you need down there, quickly, before we go?
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>>guest: electricity. that will make all the difference in the word because we have, we cannot by any food, we cannot buy gasoline and we cannot heat our home. we have gas, we have good water, we need electric. we hope, we have 10 percent of the town lit up again and we are hoping they make great progress as they normally do. that is what we need. >>shepard: we are too, mayor schroeder, thank you, from point pleasant. >> a dire situation across the river from here in hoboken, new jersey, a square mile town about 50,000 residents, thousands are still stranded with this power and in food. now there is word emergency shelters could soon lose electricity as well. we will go like to hoboken. a last look at how our economy is doing before americans go to the polls. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement
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>>shepard: the streets of frank sinatra's hometown are flooded in hoboken, new jersey, across the river if manhattan. the national guard working around the clock. officials are warning that the city is running out of fuel to power the generators and many shelters. we are in downtown hoboken. what are the city officials saying? >>reporter: well, the press conference just held, officials said they feel good about the shelter situation and two shelters and churches is electricity and the third is run on a generator but they had a chance to meet with fema officials they are feeling confident. another piece of news the people will be relieved to hear, initial estimate of electricity not coming on for seven to ten days, officials think they can
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make it happen a lot faster than that. the devastation is going to be a big clean up effort. it has been brutal across the city. many homes, restaurants and businesses in the low lying areas have been completely rushed through, slammed by the amazing amount of water and some of it april stems flooding out basements in the low, low areas and they are working on cleaning that up. the residents are looking for information. the upcoming days, fema officials will work to establish areas, pods, where people can get information to sign up for resources, to charge phones, all of these things to help people understand what is going on as things go forward. >>shepard: how are they holding up? >>reporter: we have had a chance to speak with a lost people in the community. a lot people came to the press conference searching for information. there is a lot emotion. listen. >> this is the first time we have been out because we have been underwater this is the
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first time we have been able to walk through the streets. it is just, it is my home. this is my home. i see things like this and i walk people's houses and they filled with mud and everything else imaginable. this is our home. >>reporter: that is making it difficult. the water is largely receded what is left behind is a big, big mess. it will take a while to clean up. it will take a while for things to get back to normal. >>shepard: a city below sea level. the markets opened for the second day since the storm shut everything down. without not necessity this were problems from these numbers. our 401(k) is getting a boost. next, how all this could figure into the election. which is five days away.
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>>shepard: we got a surprise endorsement from mayor bloomberg of new york city, a political independent but he has decided to endorse president obama for re-election coming up on november 6. he has a reason he has given. i will read this from bloomberg and i quote, "the devastation that hurricane sandy brought to new york city and much of the northeast in lost likes, lot homes and lost business, brought the stakes of the tuesday re-election into sharp relief saying our climate is changing and while the increase in extreme weather we have experienced in new york city and around the world may or may not be the result of it, the risk given the devastation should be enough to compel all elected
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leaders to take immediate action," endorsing president obama based on his leadership on climate change. >> five days before the election, the news on the jobs market is, well, kind of mixed according to important news. filer americans filed for unemployment benefits 363,000 below what was predicted and low enough to suggest employers are hiring again. that is good news but not worth the super storm preventing new jersey and washington, dc from reporting so the governor made estimates. and planned layoffs jump by 40 percent during october, the highest level in five months and it is economic to downsize as they try to make earnings goals by the end of the year. and now to the set with john
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bussey. we are looking at how the jobs we in the private sector are shaping up. gear shaping up to be the biggest gain since february, a very big and important move. if you get a paper paycheck, their name could be at bottom it, private sector numbers, obviously, and it is one that we obviously watched to predict what going on. they recently redid how they figures this out and trying to make it look like labor department numbers. >>shepard: the markets liked what it heard, we are up triple digits. >>gerri: the new york stock exchange c.e.o. trying to get everything back on track and they are using backup generators down this, so, having a few issues, traders still having trouble with cell phones
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internet access and we will see how it goes and hopefully it will be under control soon. >>shepard: i cannot keep my eyes off these photos coming in. this is in queens at the rockaways, eight or nine miles from that place at breezy point where the houses burned, the rockaways you may remember there was a bad plane crash william after the attacks of 9/11 when we were skittish and there was an engine in someone's backyard, that was the rockaways. john bussey is with us from the the "wall street journal," parent company of this network. and you can see this. it is happening in new york and that is stunning. >>reporter: a reminder of the force of nature. how does it play into the jobs numbers, too in it will slow down economic activity in the new york area. in the short-term. and people debate if a disaster
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in a clinical sense is it good or bad for job growth and it is probably a wash it will not affect the election. >>shepard: you have spent time in this area and you lived here for a while and do see the rockaways, can you see what happened there, it picked up the boardwalk and moved it and it moved people in a lot of cases and those of us who have lived in hurricane-prone areas all our lives, in florida, and mississippi and louisiana, you are not used to it. you know the drill. no one knows the drill around here. they don't realize, yet, in three days i don't care. three days they are going to be mad. this is going to be tough. a lot of these people were warned by governor christie and by bloomberg and police going door-to-door and knocking and they decided to stay because last august, a year ago, when
12:27 pm
irene came through and there were dire predictions and it did not come to pass the last time i saw something like to on a beach in a water front was the tsunami in southeast asia where it cleared, the waves come in and it clears civilization about 30 or 40 yards. i wonder how long it will take for the area to recover and whether they can afford it. >> the population pressure on these areas, a lot them are tourist areas, my suspicion is you will see a regeneration fast along some of the boardwalk areas where there is a lot of the carnals have were washed to sea. the demand will be there, they will be rebuilt. >>shepard: if you have a house on the shore your kids need something to do. we know eventually there will be lots of work for lots of people. that does not help you at all today. there is a lost price gouging
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going on. the worst price gouging was after hurricane andrew if south florida when budgets of ice were $10 in the 1980's. maybe it was 1993. i don't know i was a pup. it was awful and now it is happening again. the judge will break it down for us. i don't know if "break it down" is the word for today. the thursday after the storm that new york will never forget.  anncr: every president inherits challenges.
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>>shepard: 19 minutes before the hour on "studio b" with live pictures from the rockaways, far reaches of queens, new york, and it is a carbon copy of what we have seen up and down the jersey shore and along the cut shore, the north shore of long island, the south shore of long island, in new england, on the coast in maryland. it started to look like the same old thing. there they go again. but each time it is another 400,000 people, another 500,000 people would lives are in complete disarray. can you not get gas if your car. do you not have electricity at your house. your kids do not go to school. you can't get to work. there is not any food in the house. there is not any food at the supermarket. you can't get to the supermarket because there is no gas in the car. the kids are getting sick. it will be in the 30's tonight.
12:33 pm
winter is here. we have these days of fall each year and they were beautiful. now it is winter. now there is sand everywhere and this is in gas and no food and no water and no electricity and it is awful. it is happening now. this morning there were 4.7 million americans with no power because of the storm. seconds ago we got an alert from the energy department, now it is 4.5 million so 200,000 people have had the lights turned on. >> some businesses are trying to profit off the tragedy as happens every storm. new jersey officials say investigators are looking to around 100 complaints of price gouging at gas stations and hotels hotels and other stores. the judge is in the house, judge napolitano. after hurricane andrew they did this in an drew back in 1982 and people went crazy and they prosecuted people and they put them in jail for it. >>judge napolitano: most
12:34 pm
states do not prosecute. i am familiar with the case but not a lost them. they are very heavy with respect to fines and they are not fines imposed after a trail, these are fines imposed by an inspector on-the-spot and it is difficult to challenge the discretion. an example, some of the fines are serious. at a gas station in new jersey which is not far from where i live in the northwest corner of new jersey, a gas station was fined $50,000 for raising the price of gas more than 10 percent for a day. the guy cld not pay the $50,000 so the state took over the gas station, and they didn't know what to do with the gas station so they sold it back to the oil company who sold to someone else. that was a very stiff fine. the governor is serious. he has dispatched a lot inspectors to make sure this doesn't happen. gas seems to be the issue. we talked about batteries and other things but most states
12:35 pm
allow you to raise the price up to 10 percent and they allow you to raise it above 10 percent from before the tragedy if your suppliers have raised it. for example, we saw cases in new york city this morning where restaurants were charging $3 for a cup of coffee. that is because they had to use bottled water because they didn't have any water. if that is the real confident of the cup of coffee plus a little bit of profit for them, although it sounds like a lot money for a cup coffee that is normally $1 that is acceptable. it is not always clear and it is not always black and white but you don't get a trial. if you want to appeal the fine you have to go to appear appeals court, you do not get a jury. >>shepard: we are getting word that americans are stepping up as is so often the case, stepping up with lots of money to help their fellow man. the national football league and the players union combined to donate $1 million to the red
12:36 pm
cross to help and i got a note from my company, well done, mr. murdoch, $1 million from our company is $500,000 from the mayor's fund and same if new jersey and matching for all employees and we have 68,000 employees and any emmy he whose donates a dollar the company matches and it is happening all over the country. people will get the money and be able to rebuild and construction workers will get jobs and design people and on and on and on and maybe something good comes. unemployment went down to almost nothing in new orleans of the storm. they would rather not have a storm but at least there is something. secretary of homeland security visiting some of the areas that saw the worst of the storm and says the federal government is here for the victims and it is all hand's on deck. >> we know some people don't have phones, or access to the intent right new. we literally have hundreds of teams, now, walking through areas that have been affected, knocking on doors, finding
12:37 pm
people, making sure they know what kind of assistance they qualify for. >>shepard: the famous gambling mechanic action atlantic -- mecca, atlantic city, the force of the storm destroyed the boardwalk a major set back for a difficult that has been looking for a come back. our reporter is north of atlantic city, and it is a mess, right? >>reporter: it is. lines of cars a my long backed up trying to get into atlantic cities with the roads shot down. the bridges to the barrier island are shut down. let me show what you is going on here, down the roads and we have moved out of the way because there is lots of work going on with front-end loaders we picking up piles of sand and moving them to a deadend street. can you not just take the sand to the beach you have to go
12:38 pm
through the sand, the sand, and sift it and get all of the nails and wood and splinters and other dangerous debris that could be in the sand, and we can come up the street, here, and show you some of the water lines on the houses, these houses did fairly well, with 3' or 4 feast water and many of these people lost everything. at the height of the storm there were 160 people pulled from the island in rescues from the water. we spoke to some of the residents earlier and here is what they had to say. >> i saw it was coming as a direct hit right atlantic city, i knew, i knew it could be the one. this is our island. we will get it back together. >>reporter: we had video of the boats that were lifted up and push into the living rooms of some the homes and talked to families that were relieved when
12:39 pm
they got back they had a shell of a home remaining. they had a place to start. a place to begin rebuilding. for others, they do not know where to start. they need basics: food, shelter, water, a million or million and a half in new jersey without power and 90 percent of atlantic city is without power. >>shepard: thank you, just outside atlantic city. forecasters are keeping an cry on the potential for rough weather on election day. it is looking bad a nor'easter on way according to our weather center. fog like sandy, obviously, but it can make it harder for folks to get to work. rick is on shift right new and live in the weather center. rick: you said iting for like hurricane sandy and the latest model runs possibly pushing it off to sea. look at what happens over the next number of days, clouds from time to time, through here but nothing that is a big problem and toward sunday night there is
12:40 pm
a disturbance across parts of the mid-atlantic, and that is the one we thought could have been a nor'easter right now, models keep it offshore law tuesday. a follow-up run right behind it but that is wednesday and that is good news for election day the point is we will see the storms but we could make it through election day. that is what we are hoping for. >>shepard: the temperatures are getting cold after the storm. rick: the temperatures are five- to ten-degrees below where we should be. it is november. we supposed to be "cool" but tonight's lows in the 30's and 40's for everyone, tomorrow, kind of a repeat of what you have today, 40's across the interior sections and the higher elevations, low 50's, and the temperatures will stay similar to that, a low moving down over the next couple of days, maybe by the time we get do monday and tuesday temperatures around 4 or 5 degrees cooler than they are
12:41 pm
now. >>shepard: diplomats in benghazi warned they could not fight off an attack and that was three weeks before militants stormed the come -- compound. >> five days 'til americans cast their votes. the latest polls from fox news are just ahead. [ male announcer ] imagine facing the day with less chronic osteoarthritis pain. imagine living your life with less chronic low back pain. imagine you, with less pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain. one non-narcotic pill a day, every day, can help reduce this pain. tell your doctor right away if your mood worsens, you have unusual changes in mood or behavior or thoughts of suicide. antidepressants can increase these in children, teens, and young adults. cymbalta is not approved for children under 18. people taking maois or thioridazine or with uncontrolled glaucoma should not take cymbalta.
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>>shepard: a day after governor romney returned to the campaign trail after super storm sandy president obama has started what the team calls closing arguments. the president is embarking on a marathon trip across several key battleground states started shaking hands with supporters in green bay and then to las vegas and then colorado and then stopping in columbus, ohio. governor romney, he is focusing on virginia which could be a toss up.
12:45 pm
john roberts is with us following the governor romney campaign and ed henry is covering the president's campaign, and the president will speak in an hour, is that right? >>reporter: that is right. he was in business earlier, flashing a new wardrobe wearing a bomber jacket from air force one and a new message, the aides say that while he has been negative on governor romney and days ahead,, he will be more talking about what he would do in a second term. take a listen. >> we made real progress the past four years. but wisconsin, we know our work is not done yet. as long as there is a single american who want as job and can't find one, our work isn't done. as long as there are families who are working hadder but fall behind, our work isn't done. as long as there is a child languishing in poverty, barred from opportunity, anywhere in
12:46 pm
this country, our work is not yet done. >> we just heard an announcement for obama on the final day, bruce springsteen and jay-z will do the final public. >>shepard: id that we have a schedule for the final days. >>reporter: a lot of wisconsin, a lot of ohio. that suggests to the republicans that president is nervous about wisconsin where he was earlier in green bay and he will be in milwaukee this weekend. and the president's only doing one stop in florida this final week end, one stop in virginia, and no stops in north carolina, and that tells the republicans he is giving up on north carolina but the obama camp denies that and is concerned that a late push in florida and virginia may not make a difference and romney has momentum there, and the president, instead, focusing his
12:47 pm
attention on wisconsin and ohio, sort of a midwest firewall for the president. >> governor romney, today, blasted the president's record on business from battleground state of virginia and john roberts has that news live in virginia this afternoon. what is the word? >> good morning to you. we are on the very spot, where back in 1970 the greatest racehorse of all time, secretariat was born. no question we have a horse race going on particularly in virginia. with president obama back out on the campaign trail, governor romney went at him directly again today attacking him on something the president said earlier this week to grow the economy he could consider creating a department of business and appoints a secretary to head it. governor romney saw that as another example of the president wanting to grow government and put more bureaucrats in charge. >> he came up with an idea to create a department of business.
12:48 pm
i don't think another cabinet chair is going to create the jobs that america needs. i am entitled to make sure we have a president that understands business rather than trying to hire someone in the cabinet who has the background. >>reporter: governor romney has a nine-point advantage over president obama on who can best handle the economy and he is trying to work that on the campaign trail for all it is worth. >>shepard: what is the word on romney's closing argument? >>guest: this is interesting he has now fully co-opted president obama moves mantra of "change" not so were about hope because necessity say hope is not a strategy but he talks about change every opportunity saying that real change starts on day one. while he is not relying on "hope" he has said he has a lost confidence, enthuse a and optimism for the country.
12:49 pm
>> i'm excited about the prospects if -- for our country. i committee we face real challenges, real concerns but the american people are innovative, creative, can do, entrepreneurial, hard working. the american people have what it takes to come out of the tough times if we have the right person leading our nation. >> define now and election day with only four days there is not much either candidate can do to change the numbers to tick back-and-forth so the best thing they can do is have the rallies to run up the votes in the strongholds and do whatever they can the next four days to take that small slice of late deciding voters and a way that governor romney is trying to put pressure on the president he has a rally on sunday in philadelphia. >>shepard: john roberts thank you. live pictures coming in our local station, fox 5, what new
12:50 pm
yorkers watch, hovering over the statue of liberty. there is thought much damage, and they just re-opened the statue of liberty to people to go to the crown and they did a lot of work the last year l damage to the docks at ellis island but not anything of great significance considering that is where the surge came through. lady liberty is mighty lucky. well update you on that after all the assessments. panning up from the statute of liberty across the tri-state area where the wide shot does not tell the story. >> libya had a libya meeting a week before the attack over security concerns according to a classified cable that warned the consulate could not sustain a coordinated attack. what does that mean? [ female announcer ] the next generation of investing technology
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>>shepard: fox has obligate add classified cable that shows the consulate in benghazi warned the state department of security a month before the deadly attack that killed the ambassador. according to the writing in the cable, the state department senior security officer said he did not believe the consulate could defend itself against a coordinated attack. and now, the news live in washington. this cable says there was a plan here to move the consulate with the c.i.a. the classified cable notified headquarters in august the situation on the ground was so dire that in the longer term the consulate would hoof in with the c.i.a. at the annex that came under attack on 9/11. at time when the came was
12:55 pm
written it said because "formal collocations will improve our security situation." military intelligence analysts say that decision was a flare the next option was pulling out of benghazi. >> the conditions on the ground were such they had no options left and when washington, dc tells you no, what you have to do is put your back against the wall, assume the worst is coming, and try to sustain yourself and get through it. >>reporter: the classified cable warned the libya militia was likely infiltrated by islamists and can not be treated. it is reported today that documents left behind at the compound suggests there was surveillance video on the compound itself on the day of the attack. >>shepard: what is the word from the state department? >>reporter: the state department was very responsive to our e-mails but they said they could naughton gauge citing the classified nature of the material and they were waiting
12:56 pm
for the outcome of the investigation which we expect not until some time next year. >>shepard: thank you, catherine. big movement in the markets today. we will check the dow straight-away.
12:57 pm
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